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Just some thoughts…

Some thoughts which came to my mind when I was all alone and doing nothing…

I sat in the middle of non-where, staring into blank space. With absolutely nothing to do for 8 hours, I thought of a lot of things. Running through my contact list, I came across her name.

How long has it been since I last talked to her? I wonder.

And as I sat there, I begun to see the painful movie unfolding in my mind, of how I met her, how she insisted on coming to my house and how things became what they are now. A sad tingling sensation washed over me, for maybe, she was the only girl I had really really wanted in my life and yet, I let the chance slipped away.

Just like clutching a handful of sand – the harder you grasp, the faster it flows. Perhaps, if I had handled the situation better, we would have still been friends. There was never an end, for sometimes suddenly, I find myself longing to see her. Just a glimpse, to see how she has become.

And deep down, I know for a fact that it’s quite impossible.

Funny, how memories becomes more vivid the harder you try to forget them.

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