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It’s the end of the world. … … … … … … … Because I lost my phone. Well, technically speaking, I lost a phone. But what I lost actually far exceeds what the phone is worth. All my damn contacts, serveral blog entries I saved in my phone, the freedom to surf on the […]

Just some thoughts…

Some thoughts which came to my mind when I was all alone and doing nothing… I sat in the middle of non-where, staring into blank space. With absolutely nothing to do for 8 hours, I thought of a lot of things. Running through my contact list, I came across her name. How long has it […]

r3gular’s plurk!


Blogging on the Go! By: r3gular Testing moblogging!


I’m not saying goodbye to blogging. Don’t think I ever will. Instead, I’m saying goodbye to this blog. I’m Shifting! Kudos to the Cowboybar for my new Liquidblade account! 🙂 Now I can whore my blog and tweak the HTML codes around. Horray! HOPE OVER AND SAY HI!

Movie Review: Jumper

As a teenager, David Rice (Max Thieriot, young David) lives with his father William (Michael Rooker), after his mother, Mary (Diane Lane), left when David was only five. He has no friends in school except for Millie (AnnaSophia Robb, young Millie), whom he has a crush on, and Jack (Gared Bennett) in their home town […]

Valentines is so overated.

Pwnage video by “local representative” on Edison Chen Saga.

Somebody’s gonna hurt real bad. Very very fucking entertaining, but be prepared to cringe. *Warning! – Super Disgusting Images ahead. Proceed at your own risk*

( cont ) The (still) on-going Edison Chen Saga.

This episode has been going on for weeks already. Newest ( not so “new” after all ) updates is that Gillian has apparently admitted to it and said she was young and naive at that point of time. Check out the video. *In Cantonese* [Youtube=] Hello everyone! Happy Chinese New Year! The scandal has been […]

The problem with “regular”.

MSN Conversation Friend says: which poly?[林 汉 良 ] +|M3 W!|| H34| 3v3Ry+H!n9.. says: ngee ann[林 汉 良 ] +|M3 W!|| H34| 3v3Ry+H!n9.. says: technically speaking i’m still in ngee ann la [林 汉 良 ] +|M3 W!|| H34| 3v3Ry+H!n9.. says: next week onwards no longer in le Friend says: grad liao? Friend says: going […]