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Category Archives: Emo mo mo

Just some thoughts…

Some thoughts which came to my mind when I was all alone and doing nothing… I sat in the middle of non-where, staring into blank space. With absolutely nothing to do for 8 hours, I thought of a lot of things. Running through my contact list, I came across her name. How long has it […]

That same feeling.

The wind blows. This cold feeling. This chillness.  I remember it. It felt the same. As the time in China. It was… cold…. and scary. Like, I’m all alone and helpless. * Why do I feel like this?

Finally some time.

Haven been in the right frame of mind lately, with all the hectic rush for projects and the sleepless nights. I’ll write some quality shit soon, like seriously. For now, I need sleep. Quality sleep.

MC King上路 众人掌声送行

The article. And so, He left officially. The last journey on earth. Good bye.


I’m lying down on the sofa now, feeling nostalgic. Relishing the past where all the happy moments were. Welcome back, emo Robin. And as the orchestra of snoring goes on ( my two friend’s ), I laid down in deep thoughts. About the future, about the someone and about the world. Everything seems so small […]

You know you are down on your luck when…

… your laptop containing all your precious information short circuited and refuses to boot 2 days prior to your FYP submission date. Hang on guys while I get the knife to cut my own wrist.

Need… sleep.

Haven been performing as well for school work or presentations. I think I need sleep.

搞笑老将MC King暴毙

新动网第一时间报道,新加坡搞笑老将MC King(蓝钦嘻)今天下午2时半左右接到他暴毙的消息。 目前,新传媒的艺人联络组正在医院,因为正忙于了解MC King的情况,无法接受新动网的访问。不过,工作人员已经确认MC King暴毙之事,只是详情还很模糊。 Read more about the article here. * Reading about these kind of news always makes me realised how brittle life really is. One can just die, without any warning or symptoms. This guy, I’ve watched his show since young. Rest in peace, funny o’ bro.


7.50am. I sit in my room, looking out of the window. The birds are chirping. The sky looks promising with a glimpse of hope. I took a deep breath, basking in the sunlight that shone into my room. All looks cheerful… * * * But… why do I feel so empty inside?


昨天去了Raffles hotel 看了“第一次的亲密接触” 这部戏。 是Yes 93.3fm DJ 周崇庆饰演的独角戏。 周崇庆的角色叫做痞子。 故事说的是一个若不起眼的男生,在网络遇见了一个美若天仙的女子。两个人就因此在虚幻的网络里建立了友情。。。爱情。但在这一切进行时,那位男生却对那女生的病情毫不知情。 是个浪漫又感伤的故事。 * 其实在看演出时, 有某些镜头真的是捕抓到了我的心情。有些对话的内容也很有道理。 比如说,在这年头,还有谁(新加坡人)会用中文来写网上日记(blog)呢? 又比如,谁会喜欢相痞子这样的人?在现实生活中,只是个若不起眼的男生,没什么作为,没什么才艺。 但相痞子这样的人,终究还是遇见了他爱,和爱他的人。 。。。。 那,又代表了什么? 童话故事的结局,王子和公主一定会永永远远的在一起吗? *** 其实,我跟痞子很相吧。。。?