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Category Archives: f87king Issues

It’s the end of the world. … … … … … … … Because I lost my phone. Well, technically speaking, I lost a phone. But what I lost actually far exceeds what the phone is worth. All my damn contacts, serveral blog entries I saved in my phone, the freedom to surf on the […]

( cont ) The (still) on-going Edison Chen Saga.

This episode has been going on for weeks already. Newest ( not so “new” after all ) updates is that Gillian has apparently admitted to it and said she was young and naive at that point of time. Check out the video. *In Cantonese* [Youtube=] Hello everyone! Happy Chinese New Year! The scandal has been […]

( cont ) The Edison Chen Saga.

Slow news, but here’s the new updates on the Edison Chen Saga. A “Strange Ordeal”. Haha! And also, more pictures of other female celebrities have been realised online. (via) Apparently, all these happened when that dude who repaired Edison Chen’s laptop found the photos in his laptop. has quite an indepth record of the […]

Finally some time.

Haven been in the right frame of mind lately, with all the hectic rush for projects and the sleepless nights. I’ll write some quality shit soon, like seriously. For now, I need sleep. Quality sleep.

The good always prevails over the evil.

And so says r3gular. Remember this? It turned out that we did our own presentation after breaking off the group ( 2 man show ). They have our final presentation slides and they changed their PPT to fit our information into theirs. On the other hand, we left it as it is and didn’t change […]

You know you are down on your luck when…

… your laptop containing all your precious information short circuited and refuses to boot 2 days prior to your FYP submission date. Hang on guys while I get the knife to cut my own wrist.

Need… sleep.

Haven been performing as well for school work or presentations. I think I need sleep.


I cannot believe how people at the age of 19 can still be so childish. [ Deleted whole chuck on text after re-reading it upon cooling down ] Face it. When you cannot take criticism about how sucky your prized presentation really is and starts losing your cool on MSN, throw a huge fit about […]

Stressed out #?

Seemingly endless notes which seems to speak greek to me and the camps coming my way. The late nights seems to have taken it’s toil on my body. My body is screaming for rest, my mind is off to rome for holiday. I feel like a zombie, dragging my feets around and my eyes just […]

Music is my best friend.

The world of music. In it, I sought solitude. Away from the ugliness of the world, away from all the evil banes of the world. In it, the world is colourful. Filled with hopes and inspirations. Strength and warmth. Fantasy and security. In it, I seek refuge. Nursing my wounds from the ugly real world. […]