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Category Archives: Geeky Stuff

Singlish vs English?

Apparently, this kicked up quite a storm last week. The Taiwanese Celebrities were criticizing Singaporean’s english. Or rather, Singlish. While some of that they say might be true, they still committed a fallacy – Generalization. What was that about by saying, “新加坡发音都很奇怪” and “好像泰国腔”. Singaporeans are rifled up, and have posted some retorts back online. […]

Speed test – How fast are you?

You reached 344 points, so you achieved position 18425 of 181128 on the ranking list You type 454 characters per minute You have 88 correct words and you have 0 wrong words 88 words Touch Typing

We change the world, or the world change us?

Inspiration coming from Wilson. The question posting out to readers; We change the world, or the world change us? Does the world revolves around you, or do you revolve around the world? I’ll say, a little bit of everything. The environment you are in forge you to be who you are and yet at the […]

Acer, again.

Following the keyboard episode and the big wooha about my spoilt laptop ( too lazy to find the link ), my laptop is spoilt again. Yes, again. As I am typing away now, my screen is flickering like crazy. Great, just great. I have my exams next week and I need my computer to read […]