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Category Archives: Huh?!?

Pwnage video by “local representative” on Edison Chen Saga.

Somebody’s gonna hurt real bad. Very very fucking entertaining, but be prepared to cringe. *Warning! – Super Disgusting Images ahead. Proceed at your own risk*

( cont ) The (still) on-going Edison Chen Saga.

This episode has been going on for weeks already. Newest ( not so “new” after all ) updates is that Gillian has apparently admitted to it and said she was young and naive at that point of time. Check out the video. *In Cantonese* [Youtube=] Hello everyone! Happy Chinese New Year! The scandal has been […]

The problem with “regular”.

MSN Conversation Friend says: which poly?[林 汉 良 ] +|M3 W!|| H34| 3v3Ry+H!n9.. says: ngee ann[林 汉 良 ] +|M3 W!|| H34| 3v3Ry+H!n9.. says: technically speaking i’m still in ngee ann la [林 汉 良 ] +|M3 W!|| H34| 3v3Ry+H!n9.. says: next week onwards no longer in le Friend says: grad liao? Friend says: going […]

Singlish vs English?

Apparently, this kicked up quite a storm last week. The Taiwanese Celebrities were criticizing Singaporean’s english. Or rather, Singlish. While some of that they say might be true, they still committed a fallacy – Generalization. What was that about by saying, “新加坡发音都很奇怪” and “好像泰国腔”. Singaporeans are rifled up, and have posted some retorts back online. […]

( cont ) The Edison Chen Saga.

Slow news, but here’s the new updates on the Edison Chen Saga. A “Strange Ordeal”. Haha! And also, more pictures of other female celebrities have been realised online. (via) Apparently, all these happened when that dude who repaired Edison Chen’s laptop found the photos in his laptop. has quite an indepth record of the […]

Hawt Post of

I got a shock when I logged into my account. There my picture was, at the Hawt Post Section of I clocked a total of 6384 views for this post alone in one day. And still counting. Really, Sex Sells.

(NSFW): Here Are All The Edison Chen Scandal Pics In One Location

Remember the Edison Chen & Gillian Chung Sex Scandal? Shortly after that, we see Cecilia Cheung’s naked pictures. Now, we have the collection of all the porn pictures all in one location. (via) Some of them seems fake anyway. Amazing how people got so much time to do these kind of useless things. Now, what […]

The good always prevails over the evil.

And so says r3gular. Remember this? It turned out that we did our own presentation after breaking off the group ( 2 man show ). They have our final presentation slides and they changed their PPT to fit our information into theirs. On the other hand, we left it as it is and didn’t change […]

Most popular 100 hits

Click to see enlarged version Really -_- when i saw this from here. Seriously, why am I doing this when I’m supposed to be studying for my exam?

Mentally tired.

Finally, the life I’m leading has taken a toll on my body. Maybe not physically but rather mentally. No amount of sleep seems to be enough for me. Maybe, the human body does not rejuvenate itself better when you sleep in the morning to the afternoon. * Which comes back to the point… … Why […]