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Category Archives: Meaningful Stuffs

100,000 Mark.

In almost 3 months, I’ve jumped from the 10,000 Mark to 100,000 mark. The recent Edison Chen saga brought in so much traffic that resulted in the unexpected jump. Really, this blog is only a few months old ( turning 1 soon ). A very big achievement actually, from a nobody in the blogosphere. What […]


I’m lying down on the sofa now, feeling nostalgic. Relishing the past where all the happy moments were. Welcome back, emo Robin. And as the orchestra of snoring goes on ( my two friend’s ), I laid down in deep thoughts. About the future, about the someone and about the world. Everything seems so small […]

Good service

Nevermind if all my project group mates are late. First time in so long since I’ve encountered really commendable good service, so much so that it’s enough to make my day. Starbucks crew at Bukit Panjang Plaza, thumbs up for you guys!

无辜 – 曹格

无辜 曹格 也许这是最后的考验 当我再度遇见了你 是命运捆绑了我们 还是爱情相信了记忆 你的欺骗没有让我掉下眼泪 爱本善变的痛楚并非你的罪 爱是无辜的风筝 拉着最在乎的人 情已逝 我还在 爱是断线的风筝 挣脱一开始的梦 黑暗中一步步的坠落红尘 给不起的是你的天真 为了他 你学会否认 不承认你给过青春 曾经爱过我的每一分 我多伤心宁成全你和他的吻 只好对自己的痛楚不负责任 爱是无辜的风筝 拉着最在乎的人 情已逝 我还在 注定一个人流浪 爱是断线的风筝 挣脱一开始的梦 黑暗中一步步的坠落红尘 无法挽救的温存 我是残破的风筝 宁愿在遥远的天空 看你转过身决定去实现你和他的承诺 爱是无辜的风筝 拉着最在乎的人 情已逝 我还在 注定一个人流浪 爱是断线的风筝 挣脱一开始的梦 黑暗中一步步的坠落红尘 也许这是最后的考验 当我再度遇见了你 * I actually agree. 曹格 is really brilliant. Very very nice […]

We change the world, or the world change us?

Inspiration coming from Wilson. The question posting out to readers; We change the world, or the world change us? Does the world revolves around you, or do you revolve around the world? I’ll say, a little bit of everything. The environment you are in forge you to be who you are and yet at the […]

I ish jin happy!

Someone made me very happy today! Despite the fact that it’s not confirmed but well, being put on the list is good enough! 🙂

Happy ( Hopefully ) 2008!

A bit late, but better late than never. Past events of 2007 ( that I can think off ). Spent half of 2007 overseas, working ( and playing ) my arse off. Came back a changed person, with a different perspective of things. Went on a month’s backpacking tour. Saw the breath-taking scenery of sunset […]

Eason Chen – Lonely Christmas

谁又骑着那鹿车飞过 忘掉投下那礼物给我 凝视那灯饰只有今晚最光最亮 却照亮我的寂寞 谁又能善心亲一亲我 由唇上来验证我幸福过 头上那飘雪想要栖息我肩膊上 到最后也别去么 merry, merry christmas, lonely, lonely christmas 人浪中想真心告白 但你只想听听笑话 lonely, lonely christmas, merry, merry christmas 明日灯饰必须拆下 换到欢呼声不过一刹 明晨遇到亦记不到和谁在醉酒中偷偷拥抱 仍然在傻笑但你哪知道我想哭 和谁撞到亦怕生保 宁愿在醉酒中辛苦呕吐 仍然在头痛合唱的诗歌听不到 Everyone’s celebrating Christmas with their beloved ones with the exception of those who’s single ( me included ).  Kind of make me jealous, but oh well. […]

Rain rain, go away!

The sky has been crying since morning. Why is it crying? Are you crying because the sun is sick…? Please stop crying… because when you cry, I can’t see my sun. * Get well soon. 

I feel so much better.

I feel so much better after talking to you. Thank you. ( Psst, You know who you are.. )