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Category Archives: Random Rantings..

It’s the end of the world. … … … … … … … Because I lost my phone. Well, technically speaking, I lost a phone. But what I lost actually far exceeds what the phone is worth. All my damn contacts, serveral blog entries I saved in my phone, the freedom to surf on the […]

Valentines is so overated.

Finally some time.

Haven been in the right frame of mind lately, with all the hectic rush for projects and the sleepless nights. I’ll write some quality shit soon, like seriously. For now, I need sleep. Quality sleep.

You know you are down on your luck when…

… your laptop containing all your precious information short circuited and refuses to boot 2 days prior to your FYP submission date. Hang on guys while I get the knife to cut my own wrist.

I really need to crash.

I’m surviving ( barely ) on around a total of 6 hours of sleep for 3 days. I think I’m gonna die soon. *scratches hand* *looks at bed* Ok, I need some serious rest. * Bon Voyage to Jaywalk! Waiting for your lesson on how to become an animal ah!

In Camp.

I’m in camp. Totally drained. Updates some other day… la!

Music is my best friend.

The world of music. In it, I sought solitude. Away from the ugliness of the world, away from all the evil banes of the world. In it, the world is colourful. Filled with hopes and inspirations. Strength and warmth. Fantasy and security. In it, I seek refuge. Nursing my wounds from the ugly real world. […]

Acer, again.

Following the keyboard episode and the big wooha about my spoilt laptop ( too lazy to find the link ), my laptop is spoilt again. Yes, again. As I am typing away now, my screen is flickering like crazy. Great, just great. I have my exams next week and I need my computer to read […]

Why am I putting in so much effort?

Imagine yourself on your bed, feeling as if you are dying. You head is spinning, you feel very nausea and sometimes, you can’t really breathe very well. And then, while you are trying to get some sleep, your phone just keep ringing at intervals. *** Sometimes, I just don’t understand why I’m putting so much […]


I’m feeling nauseous now. Must be the lack of sleep? Hmmmm… I’m contemplating if I should make myself vomit. Edit @ 10.50pm: I just made myself vomit. Feeling better, but still dizzy. I can feel my face and eyes burning. A fever is definitely coming. And oh, I need to finish the business proposal due […]