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Category Archives: Shanghai


Ok, I just stepped into a lanshop after trying my luck at a few places. Can’t believe, internet access is like hot cakes over at such a place. Am currently at Huang Shan! Went to the foot of the mountain today to do some sight-seeing and it almost bloody killed me. Gonna be suicidal, I’m […]


I’m going on a holiday in like.. 2 hours plus time. Am supposed to wake up at 5am, it’s already 2.30am. Woohoo. Will be visiting many places around shanghai, for a total of 10 days or so. Will try to update if I managed to find some internet cafes on the day… meanwhile, do check […]

It’s all ending soon.

After all the partying during the weekend, having to work on a Monday morning doesn’t really sounded very exciting. Especially if it’s a very predictable hectic working day ahead for you. Oh well, It’s the 2nd last day. Bear with it! The half-drunk Yee Hong and the people responsible for getting him high. Happy birthday […]

Lack of updates!

I haven been updating as often as usual, but I have good reasons for that! Left with the last 3 days of my internship, I’m practically working my arse off to tie up loose ends for the handing over to the next person who’s gonna take over my duties. Read: Suay. I have a lot […]

And I thought I had it behind me

And I thought I had it behind me. What is it that I want? What has gotten into me? Was it… just an honest mistake? Am I just deceiving myself? Maybe I had overestimated myself. Maybe deep down, I am still like before. Maybe I still feel for you. Maybe…. Why… why… Why did I […]

Wrapping up.

We are supposed to start wrapping up the things we do during our internship. Which means, everything which we “heck care” and left out during our time here starts to surface one by one. I have dunno how many # of problems staring right at me now, waiting to be put right. And it’s not […]

Fight, regrets.

The horoscope for librans must have read, “You will escape a dangerous situation *unscathed.” Because right after fellow libran Lex escaped a fight unscattered, I met with the exact same fate one day later. I turned around and saw bottles of martell, chivas and other miscellaneous stuff flying all over the place. Next thing I […]

明天会更好… right?

I’m gonna so sound like a whiny biatch, just bear with me for a while. After bitching about my sickness and work for the past entries, things are still not looking better for me. In fact, the headaches haunting me and the stupid mistakes i make at work isn’t helping me much at all. When […]



Blog rating..

Mingle2 – Online Dating Hohoho! I’m restricted content! Maybe I’ll post some porn videos or something to live up to the name :). Oh, check this out guys. Learn how to kiss someone passionately today! Updates: I’m still sick. In fact, worst then yesterday. The very much feared fever is coming knocking on my doors. […]