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Category Archives: The night life…

That same feeling.

The wind blows. This cold feeling. This chillness.  I remember it. It felt the same. As the time in China. It was… cold…. and scary. Like, I’m all alone and helpless. * Why do I feel like this?

Martell Death Match – Cowboybar Event.

A bit late to put this up, but oh well. Hella bunch of crazy people rocking the pub down. Survived the night, Somehow. *checks* Heng, liver still there. ( More updates when I get peeekchutures! )


I’m lying down on the sofa now, feeling nostalgic. Relishing the past where all the happy moments were. Welcome back, emo Robin. And as the orchestra of snoring goes on ( my two friend’s ), I laid down in deep thoughts. About the future, about the someone and about the world. Everything seems so small […]

Speed test – How fast are you?

You reached 344 points, so you achieved position 18425 of 181128 on the ranking list You type 454 characters per minute You have 88 correct words and you have 0 wrong words 88 words Touch Typing

Doremon Inspired

No more burning notes and drinking it down with water. This is da bomb! I bet this is Doremon inspired. Edit: Shelly asked for the link. So I’m giving it to you guys. Sorry la, don’t so fierce lei. 😦

I really need to crash.

I’m surviving ( barely ) on around a total of 6 hours of sleep for 3 days. I think I’m gonna die soon. *scratches hand* *looks at bed* Ok, I need some serious rest. * Bon Voyage to Jaywalk! Waiting for your lesson on how to become an animal ah!

Crazy night.

No, I didn’t have wild hot crazy sex. * It was a damn fun night. The rule is simple, knock your cup and you LIM. No special treatment for anyone of any age and gender. Lesson Learnt of the day: Never ever challenge an outlaw. *checks my liver* Heng, still there.

Why nice guys are such losers

Why nice guys are such losers. (via) 男人不坏,男人不爱 So, go kick some ass outside guys.

In Camp.

I’m in camp. Totally drained. Updates some other day… la!

Stressed out #?

Seemingly endless notes which seems to speak greek to me and the camps coming my way. The late nights seems to have taken it’s toil on my body. My body is screaming for rest, my mind is off to rome for holiday. I feel like a zombie, dragging my feets around and my eyes just […]