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After 18 years of my life, I’ve seen almost all kinds of presents and gifts! Throughout my 18 years, I’ve received countless of *ehem* sorry *ehem* useless thing which just couldn’t be put to use!

There was once, i even received a fluffy teddy bear from a group of GUYS for my birthday ( wtf? ) and up till date, i don’t even know if that’s a joke or not.

I’m a person who buys practical gifts. Something that someone CAN use, or needs. Therefore, I’m always very troubled when looking for birthday gifts. I don’t usually go shopping for presents.. but once i do, trust me that it will be something good.

So yes. I decided, enough and enough.

On these page, you will find the things i want! See! I’m so good! Saves you all from all the trouble of thinking right! = ) Hell, I’ll even whore myself for those! Now now, no excuses for not knowing what i want hor! *grins*

Make things so much easier for my sugar mummies to buy me gifts!

Any, Frank Muller watches. ANY!

Ipod Nano

I still remember how i said i will never get an ipod. But.. but… After using itunes.. i realised how wrong i was! It’s so easy to sync songs! And and…. look how sleek the body is… *drools..* Best to be 4GB. I won’t mind 2 GB one anyway~ =)

Nikon D200

Just.. look at this baby. It’s self-explanatory isn’t it?

My very own telescope!

I’ll prefer a small and light weight Megrez la.. even though it’s only good for planetary viewing! =(.. Still, i can visualize myself out with my telescope on a clear and windy night, accompanied with no one else but a sky full of stars. Sweet! = )


I love travelling! ( Who does? ) I want to backpack the silk road someday. Sponsors anyone? A 3days 2 night trip to somewhere near also can! =)


Any self-help/improvement or meaningful book!


I welcome any brands as long as they don’t smell like water scooped up from a drain. Though i’ll prefer brands like hugo boss or davidoff! = )


I’ve NEVER been to any concert/plays at all. Sponsors anyone?


Bicycle! I’ve always wanted one! Miss those days where i go around cycle with sec school friends!


A domain all to myself. or something lidat. Woohoo! Then i can tweak around with the html. = )


Lim jiu time! One of the best ever thing is to talk about anything under the sun with a few good friends over some alcohol! =)


Actually come to think of it, anything practical is will do. It can be a bag, shoe, clothes….. anything under the sun! I’m such a easily-pleased person! Hahahahahaha!

So yes. Anything.. practical! =)… So, now you know what i want… DON’T ACT BLUR AND ACT AS IF YOU NEVER SAW THIS PAGE!

= )

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