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100,000 Mark.

In almost 3 months, I’ve jumped from the 10,000 Mark to 100,000 mark.

The recent Edison Chen saga brought in so much traffic that resulted in the unexpected jump.

Really, this blog is only a few months old ( turning 1 soon ).

A very big achievement actually, from a nobody in the blogosphere.

What do I say?

I don’t know who you guys are. You guys might not even come back anymore. But still, thanks for dropping by. ( And yes I know, you guys are just here for the Edison Chen sex scandal shit. Horny Bastards. )

And I know what you guys are thinking.

No, I’m not refreshing my own blog 24/7. It’s a count made up of unique visitors, which means different IPs. Take that, bitches.

Once again, thank you for reading about my mundane life.

Singlish vs English?

Apparently, this kicked up quite a storm last week.

The Taiwanese Celebrities were criticizing Singaporean’s english. Or rather, Singlish.

While some of that they say might be true, they still committed a fallacy – Generalization.

What was that about by saying, “新加坡发音都很奇怪” and “好像泰国腔”.

Singaporeans are rifled up, and have posted some retorts back online.

Check out these two videos.

Doesn’t mean you accentise the ang mohs means it’s good english ma.


Being a Singaporean myself, this problem is actually very true. However, I tend to have the “speak their language” habit. You know, If I were to talk to ang mohs, I’ll most probably accentise. Hmmm..

And so anyway, I’ve heard that they have apologized for it le.

Old news, as always.

That same feeling.

The wind blows.

This cold feeling. This chillness.  I remember it.

It felt the same. As the time in China.

It was… cold…. and scary.

Like, I’m all alone and helpless.


Why do I feel like this?

Martell Death Match – Cowboybar Event.

A bit late to put this up, but oh well.

Hella bunch of crazy people rocking the pub down.

Survived the night, Somehow.


Heng, liver still there.

( More updates when I get peeekchutures! )

ERP Drift.

You’ve got to take your hats of Mr Brown.

Check out the bloody good ERP Drift he came up with.

*Beep, beep, beep*.

( cont ) The Edison Chen Saga.

Slow news, but here’s the new updates on the Edison Chen Saga.

A “Strange Ordeal”. Haha!

And also, more pictures of other female celebrities have been realised online.


Apparently, all these happened when that dude who repaired Edison Chen’s laptop found the photos in his laptop. has quite an indepth record of the whole saga, so you guys can drop by and check it out.

Finally some time.

Haven been in the right frame of mind lately, with all the hectic rush for projects and the sleepless nights.

I’ll write some quality shit soon, like seriously.

For now, I need sleep.

Quality sleep.








Somebody shout with me please….

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Hawt Post of

I got a shock when I logged into my account.

There my picture was, at the Hawt Post Section of

I clocked a total of 6384 views for this post alone in one day. And still counting.

Really, Sex Sells.

(NSFW): Here Are All The Edison Chen Scandal Pics In One Location

Remember the Edison Chen & Gillian Chung Sex Scandal?

Shortly after that, we see Cecilia Cheung’s naked pictures.

Now, we have the collection of all the porn pictures all in one location.


Some of them seems fake anyway. Amazing how people got so much time to do these kind of useless things.

Now, what is the world coming to?