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Monthly Archives: June 2004

In My Eyes…

ok.. i know this is somewhat similar to yuzhuang’s famous crapalogy… but.. who cares.. just for the fun of it ^^.. In My Eyes… the earth is round.. In My Eyes… i’m invincible.. In My Eyes… no one can out tok me.. In My Eyes… i’m pro… In My Eyes… i’m a slacker In My […]

i c a clearer picture now…

Nth special todae.. and everything doesn’t seems to go the way i intended them 2.. well the only gd thing was that i need not do recess duty for prefects.. and tt was like..WOOTZ.. haha… hate duty :S…anyway, had bio todae.. and deeply regretted something… shouldn’t have sortta ” ignored ” her these two days […]

eGyptiAn hOrOscOpE…qUitE tRuez

RA – Sun God (September 22 to October 15) You’ll have no trouble finding Mr/Ms Right because you’re what every man/woman is looking for – tender,understanding, passionate, and Intensely loyal. Men/Women will flock to you, so you can afford to be choosy. Pick the man/woman who is most deserving of the prize you are, and […]


erm… it’s 5.40am in the morning .. and i haven slpt a wink… watch soccer.. what else..CZECH WON…:> 3-0.. baros = pro.. scored 2 goals in like 2-3 mins time :>…. wootz.. I’m getting rdy to go to sch now… just now i don’t feel like going to sch. dunno y… maybe because i haven […]


and oh… though feeling guily.. i’ve been lucky… soccer match i say who win then who will win.. ( tony if u are here.. u dun fight wif me.. U LOSE DE 😛 ) … still wanna quarrel wif me saying sweden will win.. end up?!? HOLLAND WIN!! HOLLAND RULEX!!! :P.. anyway.. for tml’s match […]

another boring day..

todae also very boring.. nth happened much.. expect for the fact tt i’m rushing my homework.. feeling damn guilty about it.. but then.. i decided to forgo my slp for my homework.. well.. couldn’t let the teachers down eh… and i’ve been like.. asking around how to do the homework.. omg.. 1month nv touch studies.. […]

Picking myself up and starting all over again…

ok… i admit.. the mid-yr is a great blow to me.. c’oz i did real bad… and i wasn’t even regretfully.. i’m beginning to wonder if i’m human.. or a person wif a consciences… omg.. and sch’s gonna start in like.. one day?? and i haven even got my report book signed.. omg.. i’m a […]

just another post loh.. what u expect -.-

okok.. this blog turning into my personal diary -.-…. anyway.. todae quite happening.. started of the day quite will.. with the victory of greece over france… GREECE RULES :P… anyway… i met a few robbers todae.. at fajar.. macdonald’s… i was study ( well.. kindda ) wif alvin.. then suddenly.. they came in.. raided our […]

story from

ok.. this is a story which i came across last time.. and recently, i came across it again.. it’s taken from and it’s in my link.. so readers if interested can do there have a look.. this is a sad story.. kinda make sense.. happy reading :> “Little Drops of Sunshine” A Short Story, […]

Soccer!!! GOAL!!!!!!!!!!

WOOTZ!… Greece won!!! everyone tht France would win ( well.. almost ) and my dad made a wager wif his friends… all his friends said France would win… only my dad said Greece… wow… great foresight… so proud of my dad.. ( well like father like son.. i have great foresight 2 u know 😛 […]