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Category Archives: WOOHOO!


I’m not saying goodbye to blogging. Don’t think I ever will. Instead, I’m saying goodbye to this blog. I’m Shifting! Kudos to the Cowboybar for my new Liquidblade account! 🙂 Now I can whore my blog and tweak the HTML codes around. Horray! HOPE OVER AND SAY HI!

100,000 Mark.

In almost 3 months, I’ve jumped from the 10,000 Mark to 100,000 mark. The recent Edison Chen saga brought in so much traffic that resulted in the unexpected jump. Really, this blog is only a few months old ( turning 1 soon ). A very big achievement actually, from a nobody in the blogosphere. What […]

Martell Death Match – Cowboybar Event.

A bit late to put this up, but oh well. Hella bunch of crazy people rocking the pub down. Survived the night, Somehow. *checks* Heng, liver still there. ( More updates when I get peeekchutures! )

ERP Drift.

You’ve got to take your hats of Mr Brown. Check out the bloody good ERP Drift he came up with. *Beep, beep, beep*.


No.More.Fucking.FYP. No.More.Presentations. No.More.Late.Nights.In.School. No.More.Programming. No.More.School. No.More.Dictatorship. Somebody shout with me please….

The good always prevails over the evil.

And so says r3gular. Remember this? It turned out that we did our own presentation after breaking off the group ( 2 man show ). They have our final presentation slides and they changed their PPT to fit our information into theirs. On the other hand, we left it as it is and didn’t change […]

The CowboyBar

Oh, before i cut my own wrist, Zues‘s newest magic pony proposed to plug this on our blogs. Being a barfly, I have to comply. Hey all, The Cowboybar is revamped and now free for all! No more stringent screenings and mean questions! So what is the Cowboybar? Basically, they are a bunch of fun […]

Good service

Nevermind if all my project group mates are late. First time in so long since I’ve encountered really commendable good service, so much so that it’s enough to make my day. Starbucks crew at Bukit Panjang Plaza, thumbs up for you guys!

I ish jin happy!

Someone made me very happy today! Despite the fact that it’s not confirmed but well, being put on the list is good enough! 🙂

Happy ( Hopefully ) 2008!

A bit late, but better late than never. Past events of 2007 ( that I can think off ). Spent half of 2007 overseas, working ( and playing ) my arse off. Came back a changed person, with a different perspective of things. Went on a month’s backpacking tour. Saw the breath-taking scenery of sunset […]