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Monthly Archives: January 2007


The sharp pain persist. I continue running. Hysterically. Like i was possessed. The stronger the pain, the faster i ran. Very soon, another acute pain hit me on my right kidney. I continue running. I can hear my breathing. Every breath i took, cost me every ounce of energy i can muster. I like the […]

Fucked up people.

I feel bloody scammed. I’m fucking pissed right now, with no where to turn to except my blog. Admist all the project shits i’ve been getting, i still have to worry about my fucking air flight for my OIAP. And it isn’t helping when you asked someone else to book the tickets for you for […]

五月天 : 忘词

歌曲:忘词 歌手:五月天 专辑:为爱而生 词曲:阿信 嗯嗯搭啦我又忘了我应该应该应该应该唱什黱我应该应该应该应该怎黱作嗯嗯搭啦想起来了我好像好像好像好像应该说我好想好想好想好想对你说在你的面前我就变得很笨拙就像是一个不断忘词的歌手我练习过彩排过这个时候却又说不出口你你的温柔感动了我我忍耐太久内伤太重在这一秒我一定要说就算失败也不沈默 你你的温柔感动了我我忍耐太久内伤太重在豁出去的那一秒钟却又忘词我噢噢噢 上一句好像是有关你的形容下一句好像希望你能答应我我练习过彩排过这个时候却又说不出口 From Mayday’s new album! 上一句好像是有关你的形容下一句好像希望你能答应我我练习过彩排过这个时候却又说不出口 “If faith is what you need, i’ll give you mine…”r3gular.

Lack of sleep! ( Yes, as always. )

I haven been sleeping well recently! Damn. And i can feel, it’s taking a toil on my body. I need sleep! Ahhhhhh!五月天超人 世界如果被残酷攻击只要给我一个电话亭把内裤当外衣如果你能够开心展开披风 带你飞行 谁赐予我这一身无助的能力神也不能阻挡你想离开的心 为什么拯救地球 是那么容易为什么束手无策啊 我和你的爱情为什么我能飞天 也能够遁地为什么我却没办法 长驱直入你的心 曾经你赞美我手臂逛街多能提日日夜夜贴身保护你最凶狠的怪兽也不能与我为敌那为何害怕你的泪滴 我给了我这一幕难堪的结局谁要这样超人连自己也救不起 为什么拯救地球 是那么容易为什么束手无策啊 我和你的爱情 为什么拯救地球 终于完美结局为什么 我只能够 眼看着爱燃烧成 灰烬 世界如果被残酷攻击谁来接手我的超能力 Did i highlight before that i LOVED this song? Damn nice la.我给了我这一幕难堪的结局谁要这样超人连自己也救不起Have to go […]

Finally a breather…

Ahhhhh… Finally. Finally a time for me to rest and catch my breath for a while. Just finished BSD exam ( though i think i’m screwed ) and some other stuff bugging me. So now, i’m left with IPT project and exams to tackle.. Of course, other things like club stuff also need to settle. […]

Which Tarot Card are You?

You are The Devil Materiality. Material Force. Material temptation; sometimes obsession The Devil is often a great card for business success; hard work and ambition. Perhaps the most misunderstood of all the major arcana, the Devil is not really "Satan" at all, but Pan the half-goat nature god and/or Dionysius. These are gods of pleasure […]

Ngee Ann Open House.

Finally, open house is over!.. WOOHOO! Was quite happenning these few days… a quick run through what happened… – Saw how kiasu and desperate Singaporeans can be..– Trapped in a lift first time of my life.– Ended the event with newly conned adopted sons and daughters.– Provided ( in my humble opinion ), good and […]

CBB peeps!

I’m so NOT supposed to be BLOGGING now ( HELL GOSH! LOOK AT THE TIME! )…. I’m super tired.. and people who seen me said i look like a gh0st and stuff… but ANYWAY, just wanna blog something before i sleep. Met up with some peeps from CBB … Lol! They really a dunno-how-to-describe bunch! […]

TO: Cowboy Bar Peeps

To: All the stalkers guests from CBB . *In Case* someone is reading this… and is starting to form the equation of “Princess = r3gular or r3gular = Princess”…. Please put a cross to that speech bubble now. Lol!!!! Well, Someone apparantly found my blog through means…. So yeah. I’m no longer annoymous! Annoying la! […]

Wooing Princess…

The Conversation *Princess Veron* Who got tuition job can intro? says:are u gonna be home tml night [林 汉 良] +|M3 W!|| H34| 3v3Ry+H!n9… Focus: Studies. 五月天! says:should be [林 汉 良] +|M3 W!|| H34| 3v3Ry+H!n9… Focus: Studies. 五月天! says:why..? *Princess Veron* Who got tuition job can intro? says:the queen is thinkin of cookin fried […]