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Monthly Archives: July 2006


I’m backed! Didn’t wanted to blog just now in the club house, cause i wasn’t really in a good mood ( due to …. tireness.. and car-jet )… Didn’t wanted to spoil the blog entry. Now i’m in the comfort of my own room, though still tired, but at least, able to get this entry […]


I’m going malaysia. Will be back on Sunday. With pictures. Don’t worry guys. Till then, i won’t be online. Can try sms-ing me. That’s about it. My eye still hurt after chu xiang stab poke me in the eyes with his fingernail-sharp finger. Still reddish. ( Pain while washing with water. That’s some serious injury. […]


Alone in library now… Must be puzzled why i got time to blog ba? Ha.. C’oz i’m stucked in this stupid coding for 1 hour + le… and waiting for 4pm to come so i can meet teacher in order for her to save me. -.-“ It’s amazing. How one sentence of that code. Can […]


I haven been bloggin recently. That’s because… I’m too tired to blog. I’ve been repeating the phrase “I’m tired” too many times. Realised that.. my drive to do things.. to get things running.. it’s not there anymore. Sigh. Hope those working on projects can survive this round. And this goes out specially to yuzzie. Don’t […]

Something’s Wrong…

Went for night jog again.. Something’s wrong with my body. I can feel it… but i dunno the cause.. Felt numb-ness at my left limb… and back. I suspect.. it’s the job of mosqitoes.. Maybe some of them might carry that little poison. I’m not sure. Not very important. My back really scares people. My […]


As stolen from DA Masturbate-a-thon coming to London A one of a kind marathon will take place in London next month. Called the Masturbate-a-thon, it is expected to attract hundreds of people to gather in a hall in central London to pleasure themselves in aid of charity. From Masturbate-a-thon: Participants ask friends and loved ones […]

Boring Sunday…

Spent my Sunday morning and half of the afternoon doing nothing and feeling itchy. Damn. Wanted to start o WDA project, but i couldn’t understand shit from it -.-“ Wanted to study Blaw… i almost fell asleep reading the notes…. Ahhhh! Just got my sis to help me apply some… lotion thingy… on my bites.. […]

Jurong West Avenue 3 ( Part 2 )

Yes. Saying how DEAD TIRED i am wouldn’t really potray how tired i am.. so i’ve decided not to say it.. and leave it as it is. Jurong West Avenue 3….. failure. Lolx. Firstly, the most important thing, the sky was bad. Sigh.. And if you guys think i’m bull shitting about feeding mosqitoes… This […]

Jurong West Avenue 3

I’m in the midst of…. wilderness! Currently at Jurong Street 22, a closed road at Jurong Avenue 3… It’s like…. a closed blocked road out of nonwhere, with a super big field in front and behind me! Woohoo! Kudos to technology! Heh! And of course, to the uncle or auntie or whatever that set up […]

Getting ready for war…

I’m getting myself ready for war ^^ ( Though i think saturday morning, i’ll be out cold again.. due to the overnight at jurong tml… ) Ahhh… Nvm. What war and what preparations? War agains evil notes and exams… and sleep! ^^ I’ve been sleeping whenever i can for 2 days already! I feel SOoOoOooOo […]