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Monthly Archives: January 2006

Happy Chinese New Year

Not to break the CNY mood, so i wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year~ May all your wishes come true! Ha… Sounds … happy? Oh well… CNY has just began, and it moving on to the 21th min after CNY ( as i am typing… now.. )… Yet, no CNY fever / virus chose […]


Many things has happened this week, which i don’t want to speak of. So don’t bug me for it. Thx. Currently biggest problem bugging me now is. SHOULD I SWITCH COURSE?!? Yes, i’m given a chance to. Though the details are not out yet. I’m given a chance, to switch to another course of the […]


I cried again.“Who am i… to you?”r3gular.


I cried.“Who am i… to you?”r3gular.

Night Stroll.

The night stroll did me more good than i thought it would.. initially. I love Night time in singapore. When there is not much people on the streets. Not much cars on the road. Neither can i feel the hustle bustle and the fast-pace working environment of the morning. Of course, all is going to […]


Just got woken up by my IAC group leader, telling me that i have to finish a report and hand it up to her by midnght. She called me when i was alseep. Yep, wasn’t feeling so well, and couldn’t concentrate, so I thought a sleep wuld help me concentrate better. Well, it does make […]

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Just to let readers know about my scheldue for the next few weeks ( so as to get them ready for my bad temper if they should talk to me in MSN. ) Monday1) Preparation for Project : Nano presentation. Haven touched on the presentation part. Might be skipping lectures ( even tutorials ) to […]

Practicing what i preach

I remember telling people, don’t 强言欢笑… but, am I doing that? Ha. I don’t know. I’m confused. Was watching TV, and it so happened that the girl asked the guy, “Who am i to you?”…. Ha.. what irony. Vern told me i sound like i’m dying in my blog. Don’t worry. I’ll keep myself alive […]


Am I deep? As in, very inpredictable. Adam once told me I appear very deep to him. As in, i think about a lot of things, but i just don’t let them know what i’m thinking. Actually, i don’t deny that i’m deep. Well, to a certain extend. Some extend, I’ll tend to keep it […]

Don’t worry guys, I’ll get by. Just need somewhere to bitch about how life can being fucking screwed up sometimes. And seriously speaking, i forgot about what i wrote for the whole of today, until i checked my mail today, and found *catwomen* had added a comment. Ha.. I’m those type where i will forget […]