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Monthly Archives: November 2005


Friends, Friends. Sometimes a problem, sometimes a real pain in the ass. Sometimes, is someone whom you feel like kicking, sometime, you just want to ignore them. However, when they are not in the irritating side, think again. Of the times you all spent together. All the laughter and silly jokes. All the gossips and […]


I’ve finally received news! Guess what? I’m in! Project S! Here i come! Muahahaha… And the best thing is, Adam’s going to go with me together i think. And he can intro me to Chong Qing. Wahaha.. Maybe go for supper after class or what.. you know? Hehe.. I’m so excited! Stolen from Kenny Sia […]


Let’s see.. Astro ANE campTesting of pressure lamps for NP Camp ( Tml )NPCC NCO Mod Camp ( Fri to sun )Superhost male 8 filming ( Monday ) That’s about all my activities for the next 2 weeks. Not mentioning, of course, Kbox and more outing with astro peeps. And of course, my freaking projects. […]


Super tired, having nothing to do, so come here and blog blog lohz.. Was practically surviving on the thrill of de-siaoing people to keep myself awake. Still the same phrase. So near, yet so far… “Who am i… to you?”r3gular.

During camp

Had a sudden urge to blog, but once i log onto the internet, my mind gone blank. Must be the lack of sleep. Is currently in astro camp, now waiting for activities to begin. Lots of things happened, damn tired. Why the sudden urge to blog? I guess, it’s because of… i dunno. Ha.. Just […]


I’ve just caught the deadiest virus ever(n). ( hehe ) The…. “Have-to-check-hp-every-few-sec-for-msgs-virus” And also, due to today’s scare… “Have-to-check-surrounding-for-*someone*-virus” Today went sch, just received her sms, then hor, while walking down the stairs, OMG! I saw her! Lol… i so shocked lohz, just said hi and then she’s gone.. It seems that, she knew that […]

Project S

Oh! I’ve finally signed up for it already. Project S! Another stepping stone to becoming DJ~ Lalala~“Who am i… to you?”r3gular.


Know something? Fuck the lms GL. Tomorrow is the dateline to submittion, and guess what? It’s 9.30 pm now, and he haven even edit our vid! People’s vid is 10mins, nevermind if our’s is 2mins, maybe even lesser. And fucking he can’t even get it right? Who’s telling me that’s plenty of time to start […]


Wei! I’m warning you hor!Stop.Saying.Sorry! Haha… Sigh… “Who am i… to you?”r3gular.

Hectic day!

Before i lose control and hurl abuse at anyone i see, give me some time to get over it, yeah? *Breaths in and out.* Today had LMS project meeting. Guess what? My So-that-god-damn-leader actually began to panic! Ha.. Wednesday is the project submittion date.. and we haven film the video yet? Ha… Today went to […]