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Monthly Archives: October 2006


Time is 1.52am. I just sang on top of my voice. Goodness. Think my brother at the other room, my parents in their room and my neighbours must be thinking WTF is wrong with me. Nothing. Just had the urge to sing.. maybe to practice for campus concert. Oh. BAComm is holding a campus concert […]


I’m fine really. Thanks for those who asked. Just.. busy i guess. And maybe, somethings need to be solved quick. Whatever. Will update when i got something to write. I’m kindda…. lost now. “If faith is what you need, i’ll give you mine…”r3gular.


Hectic week. My modem screwed up ( i’m tapping now.. )… and there’s no internet connection… so i couldn’t get to the internet. I haven been blogging recently. Partly cause i’m too busy. Partly because of the problem i faced ( eg. No internet connection. ) Partly because I don’t feel like blogging anything personal […]

I Know!

I know i know! I’ve been procastinating! Especially blog entries! No worries guys! I’ll update REALLY soon! Have already updated the picture to my multiply site. Ha.. Done lots of things today… so yeah. I’m changing. And yes. I still remember my goals for this sem. No worries.. For those interested in the pictures first, […]


My blog has been stagnant for so long! Not that i refused to blog la. Just that, my desktop is always in use by my brother.. and my labby just came back from hospital… so ya.. no time la.. You can call it boat lag, bus lag.. or holiday lag.. whatever la… So busy lohz. […]

Finally legal.

Thank you friends. Thank you for waiting ( nvm if you didn’t ). Thank you for being such a bitch, going clubbing when i can’t. Thank you guys for everything 🙂 And most importantly, thank you for jio-ing me to go clubbing together from now on. WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Finally legal! Kindda sad for a 18 years […]

Changes.. and stories.

I have been reflecting. Thinking over what was discussed earlier this morning. About changing. About dimming. About things being a routine. Been reflecting on my actions and how i think when a situation arises. I realised. I’ve changed. Well, people do change, but how much do they really realised that they have changed? How well […]

Finally.. talk!

It’s hard to see yourself through yourself. If you get what i mean. Finally had time for 3 of us to get together again. Talked about lots of things, with me being the “male lead” today. Problems which I knew existed, they pointed it out to me. And they gave me solutions and advise too. […]

Bloody Hell!

Bloody Hell! That PC Connect cock up la! Made a totally wasted to funan today. Kao! Called them to confirm if the pay is ready, they say yes. Only to sing a different tune the moment i REACH there. Bloody hell! Have to make another trip there tomorrow! Mafun la! Ahhhh! Wasted the whole afternoon […]

Spring cleaning.. finally!

I did much work today. *Actually wanted to post pictures of evidence.. but the quality of the print screen function sucks.. and i think it will be so damn pixelated. So.. no more pictures.. 😦 What work you ask? I…. cleared my damn computer up. And ( finally ) backed up some of my files […]