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Category Archives: My Life

It’s the end of the world. … … … … … … … Because I lost my phone. Well, technically speaking, I lost a phone. But what I lost actually far exceeds what the phone is worth. All my damn contacts, serveral blog entries I saved in my phone, the freedom to surf on the […]

Just some thoughts…

Some thoughts which came to my mind when I was all alone and doing nothing… I sat in the middle of non-where, staring into blank space. With absolutely nothing to do for 8 hours, I thought of a lot of things. Running through my contact list, I came across her name. How long has it […]

Valentines is so overated.

Finally some time.

Haven been in the right frame of mind lately, with all the hectic rush for projects and the sleepless nights. I’ll write some quality shit soon, like seriously. For now, I need sleep. Quality sleep.

You know you are down on your luck when…

… your laptop containing all your precious information short circuited and refuses to boot 2 days prior to your FYP submission date. Hang on guys while I get the knife to cut my own wrist.

Need… sleep.

Haven been performing as well for school work or presentations. I think I need sleep.


7.50am. I sit in my room, looking out of the window. The birds are chirping. The sky looks promising with a glimpse of hope. I took a deep breath, basking in the sunlight that shone into my room. All looks cheerful… * * * But… why do I feel so empty inside?


It’s amazing, how friendship can be forged so well during the 21 days at work. You guys rock. ’nuff said.

Full Blow FYP.

I’m at the astro club house now, feeling the full blow of my final year project ( FYP ) and it’s only the 3 week into school! ( First presentation only! ) It’s like, 8.30pm now and I’m still stuck in school, trying to finish my presentation due tomorrow. This semester, everyone seems to be […]

Why am I putting in so much effort?

Imagine yourself on your bed, feeling as if you are dying. You head is spinning, you feel very nausea and sometimes, you can’t really breathe very well. And then, while you are trying to get some sleep, your phone just keep ringing at intervals. *** Sometimes, I just don’t understand why I’m putting so much […]