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Category Archives: Relax la!

Martell Death Match – Cowboybar Event.

A bit late to put this up, but oh well. Hella bunch of crazy people rocking the pub down. Survived the night, Somehow. *checks* Heng, liver still there. ( More updates when I get peeekchutures! )

ERP Drift.

You’ve got to take your hats of Mr Brown. Check out the bloody good ERP Drift he came up with. *Beep, beep, beep*.

The CowboyBar

Oh, before i cut my own wrist, Zues‘s newest magic pony proposed to plug this on our blogs. Being a barfly, I have to comply. Hey all, The Cowboybar is revamped and now free for all! No more stringent screenings and mean questions! So what is the Cowboybar? Basically, they are a bunch of fun […]

Sushi Go Round

Was blog surfing ( when I was supposed to be studying for my exam ) and came across this. Apparently, Kingmeng got to know of this game through Ollie, who got addicted to this stupid game, and made him got hooked onto it as well. You know, studying is so boring and everything else seems […]

The Tattooist

Synopsis American tattoo artist Jake Sawyer (Jason Behr) explores and exploits ethnic designs from around the world. At a tattoo expo in Singapore, he glimpses the exotic world of traditional Samoan tatau in the work of the fiercely proud Alipati (Robbie Magasiva). Fatefully, Jake is attracted to Alipati’s beautiful cousin, Sina (Mia Blake). When Jake […]

Time out!

2 camps down, 1 more to go. I’m pretty much conscious of the lack of quality updates nowadays. I’m just… too drained and tired to think of something wacky and funny la. Will try to blog about something interesting soon. Meanwhile, hop over to asshat cowboy‘s site to read about interesting stuff, that frantic linker!

Virgin Halloween Party – VI3

I’m going for my first ever halloween party tomorrow! And today, at the eve of the party, I’m still scratching my head thinking of what am I going to wear tomorrow… HOW!!!!


I just called through 93.3fm. Somehow, the feeling is different. Ha. Was kind of unprepared, because the first call i made when through. A number of people heard my dedication, but I didn’t say any of their names. So paiseh sia! Hey, If you are reading this and if you tune in to 93.3 frequently, […]

Birthday Wish.

I just had another cake with my family members. When it was time for the wish, I made the same wish again. So, a total of 3 cakes, 1 birthday wish. They say, 3 is the magical number. Let’s see which is more magical. My special corn or the magic number 3. * My birthday […]


I still can feel the alcohol swirling around in my stomach now. * Was dragged to a pub yesterday by some of the astro peeps in an attempt to help me celebrate my birthday ( Thanks guys! ). Had some really wild time and I drank quite a lot. Doesn’t help when they started singing […]